“Why don’t they sing with me”?

For the worship leader with a heart to see others engage, the most disheartening thing is when it seems you can’t get through!

There are far too many elements that factor into this “merry go round” of a subject but lets just look at one…..


ok two…..


alright three…..


and “our” ability to connect!

To connect with the congregation, the team, and most of all, GOD!!!


Here are my quick three:


1. Smile

– Not just because it looks good but because we truly enjoy when God is worshipped

– Not just when we feel like it but especially when we don’t feel like it

– Even when it doesn’t look cool

– Especially when it doesn’t look cool

– Because we love to do what we do, and it truly should show


2. Worship

– Not just because it’s a given, (because it does take work at times), either way, let’s let “OUR” worship be the gauge

– Even when it “seems” that no one else is

– Especially when it “seems” that no one else is

– Because our first calling is to Him, and it surely should show

– Because when someone is “just watching”, they ARE watching, watching to see if it’s real to US


3. Connect

– Look at someone in the eye, look at another in the eye, who knows, the spirit that is guiding might just show something behind the eye

– Know that whatever we went through this week, “they” are going through too, maybe not the same, or, maybe just the same

– Not just with the congregation but with the team standing beside you, if they follow, chances are, others will too

– Not just by telling a story, or maybe by telling a story, with out words…..there’s such thing as countenance

– Speaking of countenance, they might just be following, use discernment to see if “their” countenance shows


If you’re having a hard time “getting through or getting others to follow, these three things have helped me, hopefully they can help “us”!