What do you value MORE than God?

This post is just a teaser of more to come……

(even though that sounded ridiculous, it’s true…..ridiculously true)

BUT, here are a few questions to ask ourselves in preparation…..

(if you trust that maybe something IS to come)

Do we have things in life that we value more than God?

Do we actually have to ask ourselves that question?

Do we spend our time on anything, ANYTHING, more than we spend it on God?

Do we spend our $$$$$ on anything, ANYTHING, more than we spend it on God?

Is there anything in our lives that are worth more to us than God?

Is there a way we can prove that there isn’t?

Is our everyday life filled with many more things than God?

Is our everyday life filled with any ONE thing more than God?

Might it be possible that those things, that thing, is what makes us who we are?

Might it be possible that, that very thing, those very things are the very reason God made us who we are?

Might it be possible that the things we value so much are the very reason we should value HIM?

Might it be possible that the time, $$$$$, efforts, etc. we spend on the many things (or one thing) other than God isn’t a bad thing but actually the bad thing is that we do it with out the realization that HE is why they even exist, making it the very reason we should value HIM in them, not necessarily extract them from our lives?????

Confused? Nah, just think on ’em for a bit if you would…..

This Generation is in need of something that changes their idea of what is and isn’t valuable, why the value exists, and how valuable that truth really is behind just that…..

Stay tuned…..

To Be Continued…..



Ready, set, just wait a second!!!

When it’s time to go, no one wants to hear “hold up a second, I forgot something”, or “oh shoot, wait up I’m not ready”.

Or maybe your a patient AWESOME person whose perfected tranquility and that never bothers you?? (teach me then 🙂 )

First off let’s do a quick defining of “it’s time to go” (the above is just a relation to everyday life) and for the sake of the intention of this post, it means….

“it’s-time-to-go” n.  IT’S TIME TO GO!

Readiness and timeliness is what we’re talking about, not just someone else’s ready or their time, it’s just the fact of “it’s time”.

Is it a problem to just take our time and not worry about being late, definitely not, when it’s not “time to go”!

What are some of the keys to readiness:

Preparation is a key

Planning is a key

“Thinking ahead” is a key

Consideration is a key

BUT most of all,

Knowing “the time” is THE key

What about when we’re talking about God’s purpose in our lives, than when is “the time”?

Is it when He says so…….through our study time, prayer time, confirmation, wise counsel??

Definitely, and in and with all those things, “the time” to “go” is now. We should, right now, this moment, this second, all the time be “going” towards studying His purpose, praying for clarification, direction, guidance & TIMING in His purpose, confirming His purpose through many things including wise counsel.

Waiting on God doesn’t mean we are still and not moving forward, there might be areas in our lives that are still or questions still unanswered but we should always be going towards His goal for our lives.

I know for me, it seems like most of my life has been waiting on Him, when in reality, the truth is, He has been waiting on me.

The changes that we make in our lives, the adjustments, the learning processes, the trials, the mountains and valleys are all a part of our “going”…..going through them….”GOING” through them.

Just because we haven’t hit the finish line doesn’t mean we aren’t going towards it.


“When I was a kid…..”

When I was a kid…..

We jumped off the roof of our house…….it didn’t hurt

We had dirt clod fights, and they were hard, and my cousin had to get stitches…..we stopped after that

We rode our skateboards 3 miles away from the house……I was 11…..it was ok

I loved the Angels…..that hasn’t changed

We built our own launch ramps and they were good

We had mullets, pretty ones, and my brother had a perm in his……yep

We always had lotsa pets, one was a hamster that stayed out in the sun too long……he was stiff as a board

Many of our pets ended up at the pound…..because my mom called em, told em we found em…..sometimes that was true

We went to the liquor store for baseball cards

We went to the liquor store…….I was 2 my cousin was almost 2 it was around the corner, grandma was babysitting, she didn’t know, mom pulled up just in time to see us get around the corner……VERY true story, ask her…..it was not ok

I shot a bird with my bb gun……..and cried

We burned half of a field down, called the fire dept. told em we thought it was some kid on a bike…….we were on bikes

We had great parents, lotsa love in the house and turned out alright…….times have changed!


Bos family all kids