How to get the MOST out of your team!

If you read this title the way a majority would, you would see a side of those words that was never meant to be so…..

You probably read “How to use your team to it’s fullest”!

Which doesn’t SOUND all that bad but in our minds, the definition, would mean……”drain your team of all they have, that’s what they’re there for”!

I may be wrong, God knows I’m definitely wrong about you, cause you would never do that, I would never do that right???

No, we wouldn’t, or at least, we would never mean to…..

And the truth is, when we get a glimpse of our own actions going in that direction, we pray for an intervention, “God help me change this”!!!

The bigger truth is that, our culture seems to have built a system that uses people for everything they got, till they ain’t got no more…..

And if you look at it from a fulfillment point of view, most of us, WANT to use everything we have and go to the grave with nothing left to give right???

Absolutely, how many books, quote’s, messages, challenges have you heard lately that say just that…..

However, and a HUGE however, is, “is it our job as leaders, managers, directors, etc. etc. to make sure someone else does that”, OR is it our job to make sure we, ourselves, me, you, I the ONE and only someone that we are completely responsible for does?

See, because of what we’ve been trained to do and learn-ed to do, we expect the same from those around us, especially when we have an authority over them (how easy is that) EVEN in good intent, for their own good, we push and drive, and “encourage” to give 1000%, to go till you can’t go no more…..

All most ALL the time, with good intent…..


To put into words and simply come up with a solution for this is not easy, I DON’T HAVE all the words or the solution at hand, BUT, I do know that I’ve been on both sides of this coin, and I HAVE failed in both cases, and I will say, I do my best to make it not so NOW, no matter what the climate or DNA of the organization that God has allowed me to be a part of, effective leadership comes from effective influence, and effective influence comes with a heart of pure intent, one that seeks God’s heart for all that’s intended…..

“How to get the most out of your team”?? You decide, make your choice on how to lead, shepherd, direct, encourage, but make sure to do it with an intent to “love on” and care for as a true shepherd needs to, and know, always know, that those that are appreciated, truly appreciated, will love to do what they do, for the one they report to, and will have a true understanding of the One we all “report to”!!



“Don’t be a fool just to be original”!

I am a one-hundred-and-fifty percent supporter of originality (even though it’s not possible to give more than 100%).

I will always try to create instead of imitate.

I thrive in an innovative environment.

I, I, I, am much better with a team (we will stop using the word “I” now since “I” am not a fan of it, unless in the right *context).

A team that sees the other sides of the object in the middle of the table (throw something between you and another person, ask em what it looks like from their view and you’ll see what that means).

A team that digs deep into themselves for creativity.

A team that knows that the Creator of the universe created each and every one of us in His image and likeness, and at one point said “the things I have done you shall do greater”.

BUT, lets not get ahead of ourselves, we are not gonna create the heavens and the earth, nor are we gonna RE-CREATE them (*context is very important).

*Context in every situation is vital…..

Sometimes the *context is knowing that what has been done before might be the best way to do it, making way for others, like us, to either continue to carry that torch or “let it be done already”!

If something is great, don’t be afraid to imitate, don’t be a fool just to be original…..BUT, make sure the *context is right!!!


*Context – the circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea, and in terms of which it can be fully understood and assessed.





Song Selection, Comment Cards & pleasing EVERYONE!!

It’s a well known statement and, a 100% true statement that says, we worship for “an audience of One”!

A statement without if’s, ands or buts…..

However, (which is not an if, and or but) the team that programs, plans and works hard on our worship services has a lot to put in to play when it comes to creating an atmosphere for ALL that would lead to our worship being the best presentation for the “One” who is on-looking, receiving & inhabiting it!

Let’s make sure we all agree on one thing……the platform is only a part of that presentation, those who are in the congregation or crowd or community, whatever term you wanna use, has a HUGE part of it.

Most worship leaders are driven by participation, which is a GOOD thing, coupled with the right heart and intent.

If a leader does his or her best to lead from a Christ centered perspective or a Holy Spirit guided direction or a God’s eye view than he or she are gonna have a crazy drive in them that looks to please God with the whole package……”What does God want for His people, what does He want to do here, what does He see that we miss all too often”, and many other things that go on in “our” hearts.

To do that, to at least try our best to do just that, there are many things that need to be in action…..







Just a few, but a few that I personally have found to be the constants!

There is no formula to a great worship service and the truth is, a lot of people would say, “how do you know when it’s great, that’s for Him to judge”, well, very true but if He’s entrusted some to lead those things than hopefully He’s equipped them to discern when it’s going in the right direction and fulfilling it’s purpose, and hopefully they are submitted to that, right???

If there’s no formula than how do we do it, how do we build a consistency, how do we approach it weekly, daily, or whenever it’s in “our” hands to determine what’s right for the “whole”!

Just a couple of my own personal thoughts that have worked for me over some time now…..

If you’re doing “too many”* new songs, expect the “engaging” to be limited

*too many – 2 out of 4, a new one every week……just a couple of thoughts, try a new one for a couple weeks, if it seems to be working give it a week off than come back with it as a regular

Have a “staple” song”*, Mighty To Save, How Great is Our God, The Stand, 10,000 Reasons, just to name some obvious ones, your church might have a few of their own that are always great for EVERYONE to engage in…..

*just 1 out of 3 or 4, it’ll make the difference for that few that are looking for a reason not to engage

*maybe even just a chorus, or a chorus and bridge

Know your Pastor’s heart, know the people’s hearts, know that YOU are serving them and in that, God will honor it

Know that when comment cards come in, it may not mean you have to make a change, but it BETTER make you think and discern if there is any truth to it

Know that the phrase “played out” is only used by “us”, you might be “over it” but “they” might not be…….if it’s the right one, it’s the right one

Know that shifting a culture takes time, trust and a true heart for the “why” and every single “how”…..this topic we’ll save for another post 🙂

Know that YOU may not like a song or style but the person next to you may love it

And for you personally, on stage, off stage, in prep, out of prep…..

Know that your gift, talent & calling is ALL from Him, be confident, but be confident in Him…..

and SMILE, it truly does make a HUGE difference when it comes to building trust and ultimately, people wanting to follow YOU as a leader in your planning, preparing and building what is needed and/or desired.

There are many other truths and constants that you may have found, but these are just some that I’ve found and wanted to share.

If you have any to add or inject, please do…..





“The talented”…MUCH more popular…

Everyone wants to be friends with…

Everyone wants them at their church or business or team or..etc..etc…

Everyone pays MUCH more attention to them…

Everyone loves ’em EVEN if they don’t love ’em back…

Everyone goes outta their way to impress them…

Everyone wants to be like…

“The talented”…MUCH more popular…BLAH blah BLAH!!

Everyone’s wrong, there, I said it, we have it all wrong!!

Is talent attractive?? Absolutely, and is meant to be appreciated and celebrated, and cultivated…..ooohhh that’s the word right there!


Cultivated   adj.

Educated; Polished; Refined.


Wait a minute, I can be educated, I can be polished (well….), I can be refined…..

Wait a minute, maybe we don’t have it all wrong, maybe we’re just doing it all wrong??

Seems to be that if any of us have a talent, we can “cultivate” it and appreciate it and celebrate it as it begins to grow and mature.

But what if I don’t have a talent?

That’s NOT possible……it is possible that our culture hasn’t appreciated and celebrated, and cultivated the type of talent that you have and that’s a shame!!

Shame on us for not paying attention to the talents that don’t immediately catch the eye, cause those are the ones that turn into the largest corporations in the world, or that have become the most influential churches in the world……and too be quite honest, some of the biggest stars on our TV’s.

What if we began to celebrate the cultivation and appreciate the growth process and the maturing process of EVERYONE’S talents…….what a team that would be, what a profitable cohesive business that would be, who wouldn’t wanna be at that church???

Those places, those people, our places, our people, you, me, we would definitely be “The Talented”…MUCH more popular…



It seems like our culture of entitlement is using the word “I” just a bit too much.

We have a natural instinct to validate ourselves, promote our ideas, use those around us to “climb the ladder” and just plain talk about ourselves any chance we get.

Basically, “if I don’t no one will”!

Aaaa…..wrong! If you’ve been on the other end of someone taking credit for a collective idea or success, or listening to someone just go on and on about themselves, you know it’s the easiest way for them to lose your respect & trust. Right?

We’ve all been guilty of this in some way or another, whether at times, just that “one time”, or ALL the time, so I can say, I’ll take this thought and run towards a change.

As a leader or even a team member, the best way to develop a following or long lasting trusting relationship with your team members is to share the wins, successes and “pats on the back” with those around you, EVEN if you WERE the idealist, or the forerunner, the leader of the charge or even, “kicked butt” by yourself with little help to make somethin’ happen (that alone can set a fire in those around you to make them want to help the next time). The word “WE” is all too powerful to be replaced by “I”! You won’t win your team over by saying, “ya, I had this idea and it worked out perfectly”. You will win your team over by saying “WE worked hard and made it happen”!

Remember that one time when you had an idea, and it was just a small one but within a team it became a great one and ended in an incredible success, and the “star of the show” popped up when congratulations were in order and said “aww thanks, it was awesome huh”, and never thought to mention the rest of those around or God forbid, give you any slight credit for having the idea in the first place. Yuck……can’t stand that guy!!!!

Or how bout when you were that guy………’s happened.

It doesn’t need to, WE all can start using the “WE>i” philosophy and share in the glory, after all, when it really comes down to it, the One who deserves the Glory anyhow, allows you to win & succeed in HIS ideas that birth in YOU constantly!