“I Love The Osteens”!


“Love the Lord your God with all your heart……….AND love your neighbor as yourself”! – Luke 10:27

For sake of time, and too be honest, more so just trusting that we all know what the context of “neighbor” was, we’ll just assume that we all agree in fact that loving the Osteens as well as any one else we agree or disagree with is within our own interpretation of who God said to love, whether they be a brother or sister or, a “Samaritan”!

So, “loving” should push us towards patience, kindness and long-suffering, and, push us away from dishonoring others or keeping a record of “wrongs”, and, it might just hope and maybe, protect………just maybe!

UNLESS we believe our job to warn, reveal and point out is FAR greater than one of the TWO things that Jesus left us with……and left with the idea that ALL other things were subject to these two things. OR maybe we believe we don’t have enough people attacking christianity today???

Delete the 1st four paragraphs and just think on this:

What if by chance “the ones” we think are “diluting” the gospel are just doing what God has called THEM to do?

Not possible??

Maybe it is…..

Maybe it’s not…..

Maybe it’s what they’re saying…..

Maybe it’s what they’re not saying…..

Maybe it’s not what they’re saying but rather what they’re not saying…..

Maybe it doesn’t matter and they’re wrong, they’ve always been wrong and they’re still wrong…..


However, if they’re NOT, that possible chance that they’re NOT wrong, just imagine standing before God and Him saying something like this:

“You attacked the ones who I told to go in MY name, you spoke against the works of MY hands, you called them cultic, you said that it was in NO WAY of Me or MY spirit and that it was the words of a fool”!!!!!

“Well done my good and faithful servant”!


I may or may not agree with some of the things that have been said, but, I will not be that guy!!

I got enough in me to worry about…..



The Stone Caster Pastor….

Let’s just start by saying this post will not be about casting stones at those who we think don’t do it our way, that’s not the intention at all.

If it was, than we might as well just stand in a big group and start throwing boulders straight up in the air cause we’d all be guilty!

Come to think of it, we probably all share a bit of guilt in this subject anyhow…..don’t we???

I’ll admit, when I don’t agree with something I find my way of criticism (making it seem very Jesus like in a loving way of course) and make a judgement based on maybe a statement, an action, a life decision, a relationship, a way about things…..you name it!

We all do……some to higher degree than others, but we all do, or have….maybe just once.

So then, how do we determine our role between John 8 and 1 Corinthians 5?

“Judge not for ye shall be judged…..”


“Remove the wicked man from among yourselves…..”

To some that’s a simple matter…..

To others the simplicity is that the one who believes that it’s simple is the “stone caster”!

Matthew 18 seems to be simple and very proper, but not to the one who is in sin…..

being approached,

feeling the need to defend,

in turn pointing out the accusers sins,

cause we all have em, right??


The point is, it’s not an easy subject, at least not to the majority of us who aren’t all knowing.

We all have to make our choice when each situation presents itself on how to love and yet stand in our faith, how to love so much that we don’t want to see our brother fall…..and each one of us will be accountable for it, so my suggestion to myself and anyone feeling like this would be…..”I’m gonna work on ME, and if I ever feel so compelled by God that I can’t shake it, I’ll find a way to love someone so strong that they’ll have a hard time not seeing my heart”!

Ya, I like that, that’s what I’ll be working on…..

BUT, what about…..

…..what about from our platform, what about when the church next door or the leader down the street doesn’t line up with what we believe, going as far as to say “they are not biblical”, essentially saying, “if you’re not for me, you’re against me”, what about that kind of “stone casting”, it IS happening you know, and HAS happened since the church began?????

What about that kind of “stone casting”?

Well, we can say our opinions, our judgements, throw out plenty of arguments based on, or against, but instead, let’s end with this thought…..

One day, those of us who God has ALLOWED to stand on a platform, will stand before God and will account for all our mistakes, and just by chance what if our casting at the other platform was wrong, just what if we were wrong, and He says, if He says, if we’ve given Him reason to say…..”I was doing so much work through so, and so, or, My Spirit was in this and that, and you called it a work of My enemy, an evil thing being done, a “cult like movement”……THAT WAS ME, MY SON & MY SPIRIT…..well done my good and faithful servant”!