“Who Wants To Be A Celebrity…..Me, Me, Pick Me”!

NOT ME, don’t pick me, no way, I’m a true “christian”, a selfless, praise deferring, servant of Christ, deserving of nothing, a sinful, wretched complete failure with out Him.

……..read that sentence again!

…………………..one more time!!

Now tell me, in complete honesty that it makes you wanna stand up and shout aloud,


Does it?


NOT ME, nope, it makes me wanna crawl in a hole, cover my head and beg God not to be mad at me, not to see me for my disgusting fleshly desires, not to be disappointed in my feeble attempt at life, not to push me back down any time I look up at Him in an attempt to take joy in who “I could be in Him”.

I’m sitting here (oddly enough as I just stopped for a moment and realized what song was playing – “Sinking Deep” by Hillsong Young & Free) and as I write this I have a ridiculous amount of emotion going on. I’ll admit, a small part could be because at times I do feel like that wretched sinful failure, and I fight daily to overcome my daily habits and shortcomings, but more so because as I scan through social media platforms, listen to conversation, read blogs, articles, opinions, news reports, blah blah blah, and all I see is a society of us who though we claim to be selfless, only talk about ourselves, our horrible day, our problems, our issues and so on. And when we do talk about others, we “talk about others”, we find the ones we disagree with and highlight them, we find our adversaries and point ’em out as if we were building our own little armies and we were recruiting as many as we could. We stand on mountain tops claiming the “truth” which if we just took a moment to really think through it all might find that “our” “truth” might not come from the Source but might actually come from our own selfish, praise absorbing, desire to be validated and accepted among our peers or those we aim to please.

Or maybe that was just my way of letting off steam, maybe the strongest emotion inside right now is the one that asks, “is that the God that I serve”? Is he this giant tyrant in the sky that has His thumb on the back of my head making sure I don’t take more than I deserve, because He wants to constantly remind me that I’m just a tiny little worthless creation of His and the ONLY reason I get to live is because He sent His Son to die for me, and that was all because He is gracious and merciful…..and kind…..and loving…..

Wow……..does any of this make any sense to you??

Ya me neither…..

Wait I wasn’t talking about the writing above 🙂 I was talking about the culture we’ve created.

Whether it be our attack on the world and it’s sinful ways (which is definitely the best way to win them to Christ and show that He truly does represent love and mercy and grace….I’ll stop there)

Or our attack on other denominations, ideology, theology etc (oh sorry I mean our defending the truth with a Christlike “I flipped tables over” type of anger, and comments that surely would have come from His mouth if He were here today)

Or just our attack on the next door neighbor who should never have been given children (might wanna take that up with the real Pro Creator, or think the many mistakes we’ve made that just happened to luckily not have a consequence)

Or the coworker who is a loser

The family member who’s an idiot

The politician who should be just like me, cause I’d surely make ALL the right decisions

The Celebrity who should as well…….

Is there a solution to all this? Surely! Are there any fine lines within any of this context? Absolutely!

Well, what are they??

Well as far as the fine lines, you’ll have to interpret on your own and see where there was some sarcasm, and maybe some unnecessary editorial commenting and determine your own approach.

But a solution?

Love God. Love People.

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres”. 1 Corinthains 13:4-7

Loving God, takes really knowing Him, finding who He truly is, trying a perspective that is not our own that would lead us to a place of understanding what’s behind the words He’s given us. AND, how He really feels about us.

Loving people, is a bit different, but, we can start by just doing our best to follow the scriptures interpretation…..that’d be something new.

Whether we are that Christian who is in the very first sentence on this page, a seeker of the knowledge of Christ and His Word and just desires the truth, or one of the “inbetweeners” who struggles with identity and surety like many of us, in the end, when all is said and done, we will all be judged the same, by the same judge, in the same way!

How bout instead of fighting a fight that has already been won, and defending the very One that needs no defender, why don’t we just represent the One who loves us more than our imagination, who desires to spend time with us, who actually “celebrates” us.


noun \sə-ˈle-brə-tē\

:  the state of being “celebrated”



“Sundays are my favorite”

I know you’re proly thinkin’ “uh ya don’t you lead worship every Sunday”?? Negative! I USUALLY lead worship every Sunday but sometimes not, and even if I did, that’s still not the reason.

(I hope you read that sentence in a very 8 yr old smarty pants accent…..yep, 8)

I’m gonna confess something to you right now……

I pretty much cry at some point or another during every movie, tv show, play, service or any other type of thing that people are involved in. Even reading a book, or an article, blog, whatever. It’s ridiculous, if you only knew, sad moments, happy moments it doesn’t matter, whenever something significant happens, I’m biting my cheek, doin a quick wipe of the eye, a few times, and doing everything I can to NOT!

What does any of this have to do with Sundays????

Well, I cry because for some reason my heart is tugged on easily. I cry because that’s what is supposed to happen isn’t it, an emotional moment that makes the watcher, reader, attender say “this is so good”, even when really it’s not. But, the writer, director or creator whoever, he/she thinks it is, or thought it was, that was the original goal right!

God created us in his image and even though we’re born into sin, we still have a desire to connect back to the heart of who we are, the image and likeness of the creator. If you asked yourself what’s the thing that matters most to the creator, what would you come up with? I come up with people, I ALWAYS come up with people, them coming together for him, changing for the better, lives being touched, hurts being healed, restoration taking place, salvation becoming real, and so on and so on. We want our worship to always be about him and yes, it always is, but it is even more so when it’s so much about him that we begin to see, hear and think like HIM! When THE creator of EVERYTHING originally created this whole life thing, he wanted us to get to that “this is so good” point, and for me, that point is on “Sunday”.



Three things that ring out when looking at how to continue to do life day after day and as best as possible not burning bridges, not losing friendships, respect, trust, you name it, have to be repeated!




Be honest about YOU, where YOU’ve been, what YOU’ve done, what makes YOU who YOU are. “What you do in the secret place WILL be shouted from the house tops”! I’d rather be open about my nasty self from the get-go than having to always clean up rumors, gossip, or even truths that have been exposed by others. Most of the time when people see honesty, if they’re heart is right and led by Jesus they are much more willing to let the guard down and build trust. Whether that’s becoming a part of a team, getting a job or just building a lasting relationship. BUT, just because you’re honest about YOU doesn’t mean you have to be running around honest about everyone else, or worse yet, throwing in someones face what THEY need to change or what YOU don’t like about THEM.

Humility is always a tough one, most people think humility is just an act of being humble when really, in my humble opinion :), humility is more so “walking in confidence” of who’s in you. Knowing that you are who you are, have what you have and can do what you can do is ALL because of the creator puts just a bit of a different realization in our tiny minds. It makes ME think, “uhhh well without Him those little gifts, talents, favor, etc. are GONE, then what”, who am I….???? Knowing that whatever is great in you is because of Him is a sure way to never take the credit, absorb the glory, or steal the show……He is great, we are, to let ALL know that.

My Dad had this one thing that he said to us growing up and as simple as it is I try my bestest to live by it, “no matter what someone else does, it doesn’t negate your responsibility to do the right thing”! The “right thing” is always up for interpretation, maybe it just seems that way, maybe it’s a solid truth, maybe not, but I do believe that the “right thing” can be different at different times and one who has integrity finds it at ANY time.

Repeat these three things and the least it’ll do is up your chances of doin life maybe a bit better than before….or if you already live by them than repeat, repeat, repeat……..