Appreciating ALL different types of talent in less than 6 minutes

Gotye made this compilation video of fans doing his own song and it’s genius…….why I haven’t seen it till now, who cares, if you haven’t now’s your chance, the best thing about it is how it brings an appreciation to such wide variety!!




13 Reasons why “Singing songs is such a small part of our worship”!


1. Most of us only do it once a week, twice if we’re “real churcheez”…..

2. Most of us who only do it once a week go to a church that relegates it to 17 minutes (not knocking, I COMPLETELY understand the parking issues)…..

3. Most of us who only do it twice a week don’t appreciate the midweek worship team so we really only do it once a week (see number 2)…..

4. 4 of our 17 minutes is a top 40 opener so “the reality is”, 13 minutes of our week is spent singing in worship (if we fall into the number 1 or 2 category)…..

5. Some of us can’t sing at all, and are afraid that “Simon” is sitting next to us so you won’t catch us even trying, giving us our own category (see number 6)…..

-it’s starting to get serious

6. Some of us don’t ever sing songs as worship…..

7. worship is a lifestyle (see number 8)…..

8. If worship is a lifestyle and “singing songs” is such an important part of it than very few are really worshipping, and those few are doing it very seldom…..

9. If that is true than there’s a book (or an app if you don’t like carrying that leather thing) that says “the rocks would be crying out”…..

10. Rocks aren’t singing…..


11.  Prayer is also a form of worship, and the app (or GIANT leather relic) says “pray without ceasing”, giving the notion that we should probably be praying more than singing…..

12. There are way too many other forms of worship that are constant in our everyday lives like actions, re-actions, routines, habits, etc. etc. etc…..

13. See numbers 1-12…..


Just to throw in some clarity, here is just a bit about the word “worship”…..


Worship*       (wər-shəp)


1. reverence offered a divine being or supernatural power; also : an act of expressing such reverence

2. extravagant respect or admiration for or devotion to an object of esteem


1. to honor or reverence as a divine being or supernatural power

2. to regard with great or extravagant respect, honor, or devotion


*The word is derived from the Old English weorþscipe, meaning, worship, honor shown to an object, which has been also described in history as “worthiness or worth-ship”—to give, at its simplest, worth to something




Things ur worship leader NEVER wants to hear

Lets take a look at a few things that a modern day worship leader NEVER wants to hear…….

“Dude, is it cool I brought my double bass pedal”

“Is that your wife’s scarf”

“I just can’t worship to that song”

“Check it out man, I found my chorus pedal”

“I can’t hear myself (while plugging one ear)”

“What U2 song can we do this weekend”

“You sound just like blahhhh blahhhh blahhh”

“Uhh, you don’t mind wearin’ long sleeves to cover up that tattoo do ya”

“If it wasn’t so loud, we’d be there on time, but, we usually show up right before the message”

“Hey, btw, you’re doing announcements this week”


The reality is (as my good friend Jluv coined)……

If a drummer rocked the double bass and made it work, bring it on…..

If it’s below freezing and your neck is fragile, wear that scarf with pride…..

*even if it is your wife’s

If a song is not engaging for people, think twice about it…..

-If a song is engaging for people and somebody’s got a problem with it, let ’em talk to Jesus about it…..

*you might not wanna be THE one to tell ’em that

If you gotta worry about your guitar players tone, you mighta forgot why you were called to do this…..

*if your guitar player ISN’T worried about their tone, they might wanna focus more on their cover band

If ANYONE can’t hear themselves, politely ASK the right person to give ’em a little more in the monitor…..

*than tell ’em that plugging don’t help


If you sound like someone else, thank God for the gift…..

*unless they’re british…..and you’re not

If you have tattoos and your church doesn’t support your views, you might be at the wrong church…..

Maybe it is TOO LOUD…..

*maybe it’s not, install an earplug dispenser

Sing the announcements, they won’t ask you to do it again…..


All in all, yes, there are many things that the creative, artistic, eclectic, “original” worship leader doesn’t like to hear, BUT, if WE aren’t flexible, adaptable, thick skinned and most importantly focused on what’s best for the WHOLE church (and many times our personal likes and dislikes are shared by a very small minority), than I’m sure the coffee shop down the street would make room on their roster.





“Special 2 Me”

Every place I’ve ever gotten the opportunity to worship at holds a place in my heart, and really I mean EVERY. When you GET to lead people into worship you see lives changing on the spot and that is never not special! BUT there are a few places that hold a “special” place in my heart and Generate @ Crossroads Church in Corona, CA is one of em!


I’ll give you 5 reasons:

1. They genuinely love the next generation and are building them to lead the future

2. I’ve been blessed to be a small part here and there for 5 years now

3. So many of my close and even best friends are involved and/or on staff (or have been in the past)

4. My little brother Jony is there 🙂

5. Just because

There are a few more like Generate out there but today, they’re special……