“Don’t be a fool just to be original”!

I am a one-hundred-and-fifty percent supporter of originality (even though it’s not possible to give more than 100%).

I will always try to create instead of imitate.

I thrive in an innovative environment.

I, I, I, am much better with a team (we will stop using the word “I” now since “I” am not a fan of it, unless in the right *context).

A team that sees the other sides of the object in the middle of the table (throw something between you and another person, ask em what it looks like from their view and you’ll see what that means).

A team that digs deep into themselves for creativity.

A team that knows that the Creator of the universe created each and every one of us in His image and likeness, and at one point said “the things I have done you shall do greater”.

BUT, lets not get ahead of ourselves, we are not gonna create the heavens and the earth, nor are we gonna RE-CREATE them (*context is very important).

*Context in every situation is vital…..

Sometimes the *context is knowing that what has been done before might be the best way to do it, making way for others, like us, to either continue to carry that torch or “let it be done already”!

If something is great, don’t be afraid to imitate, don’t be a fool just to be original…..BUT, make sure the *context is right!!!


*Context – the circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea, and in terms of which it can be fully understood and assessed.







It seems like our culture of entitlement is using the word “I” just a bit too much.

We have a natural instinct to validate ourselves, promote our ideas, use those around us to “climb the ladder” and just plain talk about ourselves any chance we get.

Basically, “if I don’t no one will”!

Aaaa…..wrong! If you’ve been on the other end of someone taking credit for a collective idea or success, or listening to someone just go on and on about themselves, you know it’s the easiest way for them to lose your respect & trust. Right?

We’ve all been guilty of this in some way or another, whether at times, just that “one time”, or ALL the time, so I can say, I’ll take this thought and run towards a change.

As a leader or even a team member, the best way to develop a following or long lasting trusting relationship with your team members is to share the wins, successes and “pats on the back” with those around you, EVEN if you WERE the idealist, or the forerunner, the leader of the charge or even, “kicked butt” by yourself with little help to make somethin’ happen (that alone can set a fire in those around you to make them want to help the next time). The word “WE” is all too powerful to be replaced by “I”! You won’t win your team over by saying, “ya, I had this idea and it worked out perfectly”. You will win your team over by saying “WE worked hard and made it happen”!

Remember that one time when you had an idea, and it was just a small one but within a team it became a great one and ended in an incredible success, and the “star of the show” popped up when congratulations were in order and said “aww thanks, it was awesome huh”, and never thought to mention the rest of those around or God forbid, give you any slight credit for having the idea in the first place. Yuck……can’t stand that guy!!!!

Or how bout when you were that guy………..it’s happened.

It doesn’t need to, WE all can start using the “WE>i” philosophy and share in the glory, after all, when it really comes down to it, the One who deserves the Glory anyhow, allows you to win & succeed in HIS ideas that birth in YOU constantly!