“I Love The Osteens”!


“Love the Lord your God with all your heart……….AND love your neighbor as yourself”! – Luke 10:27

For sake of time, and too be honest, more so just trusting that we all know what the context of “neighbor” was, we’ll just assume that we all agree in fact that loving the Osteens as well as any one else we agree or disagree with is within our own interpretation of who God said to love, whether they be a brother or sister or, a “Samaritan”!

So, “loving” should push us towards patience, kindness and long-suffering, and, push us away from dishonoring others or keeping a record of “wrongs”, and, it might just hope and maybe, protect………just maybe!

UNLESS we believe our job to warn, reveal and point out is FAR greater than one of the TWO things that Jesus left us with……and left with the idea that ALL other things were subject to these two things. OR maybe we believe we don’t have enough people attacking christianity today???

Delete the 1st four paragraphs and just think on this:

What if by chance “the ones” we think are “diluting” the gospel are just doing what God has called THEM to do?

Not possible??

Maybe it is…..

Maybe it’s not…..

Maybe it’s what they’re saying…..

Maybe it’s what they’re not saying…..

Maybe it’s not what they’re saying but rather what they’re not saying…..

Maybe it doesn’t matter and they’re wrong, they’ve always been wrong and they’re still wrong…..


However, if they’re NOT, that possible chance that they’re NOT wrong, just imagine standing before God and Him saying something like this:

“You attacked the ones who I told to go in MY name, you spoke against the works of MY hands, you called them cultic, you said that it was in NO WAY of Me or MY spirit and that it was the words of a fool”!!!!!

“Well done my good and faithful servant”!


I may or may not agree with some of the things that have been said, but, I will not be that guy!!

I got enough in me to worry about…..



“I don’t like my calling, can I get another one”?

No matter what we’re called to do it always seems we find a way to desire something else, something different or even just a twist on what we’re truly called to do, a “distorted version of what is supposed to be the clear plan that God has for us”.

Maybe not you, maybe you’re completely content with exactly where you’re at…..but was there ever a time when you tried SOMETHING else, or maybe looked at SOMEONE else and thought, “oh that would be perfect for me, I wish I could do that, or be that, or have that as my calling”?

Was there ever a time where you thought “I don’t like my calling, can I get another one”?

For many of us, no matter how great our calling may be we’ve found a way to “be little” it, or tried to twist it a bit.

For me personally, I’ve had times where I thought maybe, just maybe, God’s called me to be an “artist”, not JUST a “worship leader”, and stepped outside the church and desired the worldly side of entertainment, even if I justified it by “having a heart for reaching”, even if, I so believed I could get out and use what God has put inside me to get to those outside the church, even if it WAS with good intentions, GREAT intentions…..it never worked!!!

It never worked because being JUST a “worship leader” was possibly one of the dumbest thoughts that ever ran through my simple mind…..

It never worked because what I have inside me, the gifting, the talent, the anointing, the CALLING is all HIS and with out HIM I am nothing…..

It never worked because that’s not what HE has planned for ME, called ME to do, be, or desire…..

Many out there are called outside the church, and it IS exactly where God has called them to be…..not me…..

So why is it that I would want those things and not the AMAZING calling that I have right in front of me???

Why is it that my calling at times “wasn’t good enough” for me???

Is it because the enemy, in any way, shape or form is always out to distort, to disguise, to disillusion our view of what we should be doing???

Is it because if he can twist our view of Christ in us and what He has for us even just a bit, he wins…..or thinks he wins???

Is it because if we’re just a little outside of where we’re supposed to be, than the effects of our impact might be lessened???

Is it because if we’re not where we’re supposed to be than quite possibly the one who is in the spot we’re supposed to be might be also just a little outside of where they’re supposed to be causing many little distortions of what is supposed to be???

Dear Lord, what is supposed to be? Is there even a supposed to be? Isn’t it up to us how we “make our way”? Isn’t it our choice?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

It is up to us! It’s up to us to seek out His plan! It’s up to us to submit to His purpose! It’s up to us to desire His heart and in turn find fulfillment in our own!

It’s up to us to see the greatness of who God has called us individually to be and realize that EVERYONE’S calling IS great, no matter what it is, how it works, where it works, how many recognize it, how great it SEEMS in the eyes of others, especially ourselves!

Let’s be the generation that celebrates EVERYONE’S calling from the seen to the unseen and steps into who we are individually, to make who we are collectively unstoppable!!!