13 Reasons why “Singing songs is such a small part of our worship”!


1. Most of us only do it once a week, twice if we’re “real churcheez”…..

2. Most of us who only do it once a week go to a church that relegates it to 17 minutes (not knocking, I COMPLETELY understand the parking issues)…..

3. Most of us who only do it twice a week don’t appreciate the midweek worship team so we really only do it once a week (see number 2)…..

4. 4 of our 17 minutes is a top 40 opener so “the reality is”, 13 minutes of our week is spent singing in worship (if we fall into the number 1 or 2 category)…..

5. Some of us can’t sing at all, and are afraid that “Simon” is sitting next to us so you won’t catch us even trying, giving us our own category (see number 6)…..

-it’s starting to get serious

6. Some of us don’t ever sing songs as worship…..

7. worship is a lifestyle (see number 8)…..

8. If worship is a lifestyle and “singing songs” is such an important part of it than very few are really worshipping, and those few are doing it very seldom…..

9. If that is true than there’s a book (or an app if you don’t like carrying that leather thing) that says “the rocks would be crying out”…..

10. Rocks aren’t singing…..


11.  Prayer is also a form of worship, and the app (or GIANT leather relic) says “pray without ceasing”, giving the notion that we should probably be praying more than singing…..

12. There are way too many other forms of worship that are constant in our everyday lives like actions, re-actions, routines, habits, etc. etc. etc…..

13. See numbers 1-12…..


Just to throw in some clarity, here is just a bit about the word “worship”…..


Worship*       (wər-shəp)


1. reverence offered a divine being or supernatural power; also : an act of expressing such reverence

2. extravagant respect or admiration for or devotion to an object of esteem


1. to honor or reverence as a divine being or supernatural power

2. to regard with great or extravagant respect, honor, or devotion


*The word is derived from the Old English weorþscipe, meaning, worship, honor shown to an object, which has been also described in history as “worthiness or worth-ship”—to give, at its simplest, worth to something





Should the “RELIGIOUS” be allowed back in the church?

I don’t know about you but I know I’ve had many conversations in which the only thing we agreed on was that neither of us were “religious”!

“I have a relationship, not a religion”!

“That’s religious, it’s not about religion, it’s about a relationship”!!

“She DEFINITELY has a religious spirit”!!!

“THEY give us a bad name, the religious people…….like *Jack Christianmanson”!!!!

*If your name is Jack Christianmanson than I’m sorry….one because I wasn’t talking about you specifically I promise, and two because, wow, Christianmanson??

“That’s a religious spirit and we don’t want it in OUR church”!!!!!

Come on, the majority of us have said similar things in the past…

Right?? No??

Really, it’s not hard to be honest on this one.

Exactly!! Yes!!

Well, lets take a look at what the word actually means…..



adjective \ri-ˈli-jəs\

1. relating to or manifesting faithful devotion to an acknowledged ultimate reality or deity      <a religious person> <religious attitudes>

2. of, relating to, or devoted to religious beliefs or observances <joined a religious order>

3. a: scrupulously and conscientiously faithful

b: fervent, zealous


Just, one more time, take a look at that definition, just one more time…..

Here’s a quick breakdown of what I get out of it:

I want to always, conscientiously, faithfully, or maybe I should say “religiously” be “manifesting faithful devotion” to the “reality” and “deity” of my religious beliefs, of my christianity, of my Savior…..AND definitely want to be fervent and zealous” about it!

OH, AND, what made me think any different in the past???

If this is anything close to what you get out of it than maybe we have something here.

There’s a lot of stuff going around right now about why this generation is leaving church.

There’s a lot of great people out there that don’t like our not so great church.

There’s a lot of US that aren’t very disciplined in our “religion”, our “relationship” with Christ!

You might have a great church and don’t fall into this not so great accusation but if you have a church that is not “religious” and would bite back at any one using the word to describe them than maybe, just maybe it’s not as great as you’ve thought, or maybe, it is great but could be greater by allowing ONE thing back in.

ONE thing that might just grab the attention of a generation that’s tired of watching our shows, and our attempts at recreating their favorite concert or event, and our “relationship” with an image that has become just a “homeboy”! It might just attract that generation that is and has been desiring to put a fervent zealous faithful devoted mindset (that YES has been passionately turned in the wrong direction) on something real that has real traditions, real liturgy, and real religious people that stand for them at all costs.

Just maybe…..


Why measuring SUCCESS results in FAILURE!

Why is success so subjective?

To a small town, small church, small team, success looks WAY different than…..

A BIG town, BIG church, BIG team.

And the same goes for…..


Personal goals, wealth, physical fitness…..

etc. etc. etc.

So then why when we measure success, we more often than not are still not happy, we still feel like we’ve failed?

We’re still not as big as we wanna be, strong as we wanna be, pretty as we wanna be, successful as we wanna be?

Why? Why?? Why???

Maybe because we more often than not, measure it based on others? Maybe because we almost ALWAYS base it on others?

Why does someone else’s success dictate our success?

Maybe because it’s the way our culture has influenced us? Maybe because it’s the way our media has portrayed it to be so?

Maybe because…..

“How else are we supposed to know what works or don’t work, what’s good and what’s not good…..”

What’s successful and not successful!!!

He/she did it that way so I’m gonna do it that way!

They made it work through this and that so that’s the way we will make it work!

While it is definitely true that there are plenty of resources out there and examples of those out there that have achieved success through certain practices and principles that may help you in yours, you have to know that their successes might not be yours…..probably will not be yours, almost assuredly won’t be yours!

There are too many factors that play out that make your organization unique!

Your team unique!

Your vision and purpose unique based on what God has called YOU to do!

That make YOU unique, ME unique, US, EVERYONE, unique!

Make sure you know who you are and who you’re called to be THEN, use resources and examples to further help you succeed and never measure based on others.

Reach your goals, get to the next level, move forward and succeed based on YOU and what success looks like for YOU!

Plan, Purpose, and Proceed!

And when you fail, fail forward!


“Forget the Bible, I got social media”!

It’s been over a week since my last post.

It ain’t that big of a deal if you consider the fact that before a couple few months ago it had been 35 years!

I might be new to blogs but Facebook, twitter, Instagram, heck, whatever social media was available I was on it ASAP!

Wake up……check my statuses, check out others statuses, post a comment, hit the like button…..

oooooohhhh that’s a good thought for the day…..

aaaaaahhhh that’ll help the area of my life that needs to change…..

wowwww I think the Lord is speaking to me through that…..

Are any of those things bad?

No, why, why would they be bad?

They’re NOT!

BUT, are all THOSE things the BEST way to spend time with God?

To find what HE has for my day?

To seek fixin’s for the changes needed in my life?

To, yada, yada, yada???

Well, if you’re like me at all, you might be guilty of putting social media on a bigger pedestal than maybe you should.

Is it more important than anything else in life?

Is it the first thing we think of in the morning?

Is it the last thing we do before going to bed?

Has it become our God, our avenue to God, our way to find Him?

Maybe, maybe not…..

But in this season of life for me personally, in a season of some major transitions, some major changes, maybe it was better to not find what was needed on social media……maybe just for me, maybe just for my season, maybe just for now…..maybe not!

Just a thought…..



“I don’t like my calling, can I get another one”?

No matter what we’re called to do it always seems we find a way to desire something else, something different or even just a twist on what we’re truly called to do, a “distorted version of what is supposed to be the clear plan that God has for us”.

Maybe not you, maybe you’re completely content with exactly where you’re at…..but was there ever a time when you tried SOMETHING else, or maybe looked at SOMEONE else and thought, “oh that would be perfect for me, I wish I could do that, or be that, or have that as my calling”?

Was there ever a time where you thought “I don’t like my calling, can I get another one”?

For many of us, no matter how great our calling may be we’ve found a way to “be little” it, or tried to twist it a bit.

For me personally, I’ve had times where I thought maybe, just maybe, God’s called me to be an “artist”, not JUST a “worship leader”, and stepped outside the church and desired the worldly side of entertainment, even if I justified it by “having a heart for reaching”, even if, I so believed I could get out and use what God has put inside me to get to those outside the church, even if it WAS with good intentions, GREAT intentions…..it never worked!!!

It never worked because being JUST a “worship leader” was possibly one of the dumbest thoughts that ever ran through my simple mind…..

It never worked because what I have inside me, the gifting, the talent, the anointing, the CALLING is all HIS and with out HIM I am nothing…..

It never worked because that’s not what HE has planned for ME, called ME to do, be, or desire…..

Many out there are called outside the church, and it IS exactly where God has called them to be…..not me…..

So why is it that I would want those things and not the AMAZING calling that I have right in front of me???

Why is it that my calling at times “wasn’t good enough” for me???

Is it because the enemy, in any way, shape or form is always out to distort, to disguise, to disillusion our view of what we should be doing???

Is it because if he can twist our view of Christ in us and what He has for us even just a bit, he wins…..or thinks he wins???

Is it because if we’re just a little outside of where we’re supposed to be, than the effects of our impact might be lessened???

Is it because if we’re not where we’re supposed to be than quite possibly the one who is in the spot we’re supposed to be might be also just a little outside of where they’re supposed to be causing many little distortions of what is supposed to be???

Dear Lord, what is supposed to be? Is there even a supposed to be? Isn’t it up to us how we “make our way”? Isn’t it our choice?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

It is up to us! It’s up to us to seek out His plan! It’s up to us to submit to His purpose! It’s up to us to desire His heart and in turn find fulfillment in our own!

It’s up to us to see the greatness of who God has called us individually to be and realize that EVERYONE’S calling IS great, no matter what it is, how it works, where it works, how many recognize it, how great it SEEMS in the eyes of others, especially ourselves!

Let’s be the generation that celebrates EVERYONE’S calling from the seen to the unseen and steps into who we are individually, to make who we are collectively unstoppable!!!


13 things Christians should NOT do*!!!

1. Have Non-Christian friends*

2. Have Christian friends who have Non-Christian friends*

3. Pay attention to Non-Christians and the things that they pay attention to*

4. Care about why Non-Christians are Non-Christians*

5. Have conversations with Non-Christians about Non-Christian activity*

6. Participate in holidays, events or activities that were started or founded by Non-Christians*

7. Have Christian friends who participate in the above mentioned*

8. Give to or buy from Non-Christian based companies, organizations or groups*

9. Work for or promote such Non-Christian entities in the above mentioned*

10. Read any material written by Non-Christians other than the newspaper (if it is in support of Christian values and/or morals)*

11. Watch any media based material produced by Non-Christians other than the news (if it is in support of Christian values and/or morals)*

12. Allow their children to do any of the above mentioned*

13. Allow their children to question any of the above mentioned*


There you have it, “13 things Christians should NOT do*”…..

*These statements are made by professionals and are for entertainment use only, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!!





Song Selection, Comment Cards & pleasing EVERYONE!!

It’s a well known statement and, a 100% true statement that says, we worship for “an audience of One”!

A statement without if’s, ands or buts…..

However, (which is not an if, and or but) the team that programs, plans and works hard on our worship services has a lot to put in to play when it comes to creating an atmosphere for ALL that would lead to our worship being the best presentation for the “One” who is on-looking, receiving & inhabiting it!

Let’s make sure we all agree on one thing……the platform is only a part of that presentation, those who are in the congregation or crowd or community, whatever term you wanna use, has a HUGE part of it.

Most worship leaders are driven by participation, which is a GOOD thing, coupled with the right heart and intent.

If a leader does his or her best to lead from a Christ centered perspective or a Holy Spirit guided direction or a God’s eye view than he or she are gonna have a crazy drive in them that looks to please God with the whole package……”What does God want for His people, what does He want to do here, what does He see that we miss all too often”, and many other things that go on in “our” hearts.

To do that, to at least try our best to do just that, there are many things that need to be in action…..







Just a few, but a few that I personally have found to be the constants!

There is no formula to a great worship service and the truth is, a lot of people would say, “how do you know when it’s great, that’s for Him to judge”, well, very true but if He’s entrusted some to lead those things than hopefully He’s equipped them to discern when it’s going in the right direction and fulfilling it’s purpose, and hopefully they are submitted to that, right???

If there’s no formula than how do we do it, how do we build a consistency, how do we approach it weekly, daily, or whenever it’s in “our” hands to determine what’s right for the “whole”!

Just a couple of my own personal thoughts that have worked for me over some time now…..

If you’re doing “too many”* new songs, expect the “engaging” to be limited

*too many – 2 out of 4, a new one every week……just a couple of thoughts, try a new one for a couple weeks, if it seems to be working give it a week off than come back with it as a regular

Have a “staple” song”*, Mighty To Save, How Great is Our God, The Stand, 10,000 Reasons, just to name some obvious ones, your church might have a few of their own that are always great for EVERYONE to engage in…..

*just 1 out of 3 or 4, it’ll make the difference for that few that are looking for a reason not to engage

*maybe even just a chorus, or a chorus and bridge

Know your Pastor’s heart, know the people’s hearts, know that YOU are serving them and in that, God will honor it

Know that when comment cards come in, it may not mean you have to make a change, but it BETTER make you think and discern if there is any truth to it

Know that the phrase “played out” is only used by “us”, you might be “over it” but “they” might not be…….if it’s the right one, it’s the right one

Know that shifting a culture takes time, trust and a true heart for the “why” and every single “how”…..this topic we’ll save for another post 🙂

Know that YOU may not like a song or style but the person next to you may love it

And for you personally, on stage, off stage, in prep, out of prep…..

Know that your gift, talent & calling is ALL from Him, be confident, but be confident in Him…..

and SMILE, it truly does make a HUGE difference when it comes to building trust and ultimately, people wanting to follow YOU as a leader in your planning, preparing and building what is needed and/or desired.

There are many other truths and constants that you may have found, but these are just some that I’ve found and wanted to share.

If you have any to add or inject, please do…..





The Stone Caster Pastor….

Let’s just start by saying this post will not be about casting stones at those who we think don’t do it our way, that’s not the intention at all.

If it was, than we might as well just stand in a big group and start throwing boulders straight up in the air cause we’d all be guilty!

Come to think of it, we probably all share a bit of guilt in this subject anyhow…..don’t we???

I’ll admit, when I don’t agree with something I find my way of criticism (making it seem very Jesus like in a loving way of course) and make a judgement based on maybe a statement, an action, a life decision, a relationship, a way about things…..you name it!

We all do……some to higher degree than others, but we all do, or have….maybe just once.

So then, how do we determine our role between John 8 and 1 Corinthians 5?

“Judge not for ye shall be judged…..”


“Remove the wicked man from among yourselves…..”

To some that’s a simple matter…..

To others the simplicity is that the one who believes that it’s simple is the “stone caster”!

Matthew 18 seems to be simple and very proper, but not to the one who is in sin…..

being approached,

feeling the need to defend,

in turn pointing out the accusers sins,

cause we all have em, right??


The point is, it’s not an easy subject, at least not to the majority of us who aren’t all knowing.

We all have to make our choice when each situation presents itself on how to love and yet stand in our faith, how to love so much that we don’t want to see our brother fall…..and each one of us will be accountable for it, so my suggestion to myself and anyone feeling like this would be…..”I’m gonna work on ME, and if I ever feel so compelled by God that I can’t shake it, I’ll find a way to love someone so strong that they’ll have a hard time not seeing my heart”!

Ya, I like that, that’s what I’ll be working on…..

BUT, what about…..

…..what about from our platform, what about when the church next door or the leader down the street doesn’t line up with what we believe, going as far as to say “they are not biblical”, essentially saying, “if you’re not for me, you’re against me”, what about that kind of “stone casting”, it IS happening you know, and HAS happened since the church began?????

What about that kind of “stone casting”?

Well, we can say our opinions, our judgements, throw out plenty of arguments based on, or against, but instead, let’s end with this thought…..

One day, those of us who God has ALLOWED to stand on a platform, will stand before God and will account for all our mistakes, and just by chance what if our casting at the other platform was wrong, just what if we were wrong, and He says, if He says, if we’ve given Him reason to say…..”I was doing so much work through so, and so, or, My Spirit was in this and that, and you called it a work of My enemy, an evil thing being done, a “cult like movement”……THAT WAS ME, MY SON & MY SPIRIT…..well done my good and faithful servant”!


“The talented”…MUCH more popular…

Everyone wants to be friends with…

Everyone wants them at their church or business or team or..etc..etc…

Everyone pays MUCH more attention to them…

Everyone loves ’em EVEN if they don’t love ’em back…

Everyone goes outta their way to impress them…

Everyone wants to be like…

“The talented”…MUCH more popular…BLAH blah BLAH!!

Everyone’s wrong, there, I said it, we have it all wrong!!

Is talent attractive?? Absolutely, and is meant to be appreciated and celebrated, and cultivated…..ooohhh that’s the word right there!


Cultivated   adj.

Educated; Polished; Refined.


Wait a minute, I can be educated, I can be polished (well….), I can be refined…..

Wait a minute, maybe we don’t have it all wrong, maybe we’re just doing it all wrong??

Seems to be that if any of us have a talent, we can “cultivate” it and appreciate it and celebrate it as it begins to grow and mature.

But what if I don’t have a talent?

That’s NOT possible……it is possible that our culture hasn’t appreciated and celebrated, and cultivated the type of talent that you have and that’s a shame!!

Shame on us for not paying attention to the talents that don’t immediately catch the eye, cause those are the ones that turn into the largest corporations in the world, or that have become the most influential churches in the world……and too be quite honest, some of the biggest stars on our TV’s.

What if we began to celebrate the cultivation and appreciate the growth process and the maturing process of EVERYONE’S talents…….what a team that would be, what a profitable cohesive business that would be, who wouldn’t wanna be at that church???

Those places, those people, our places, our people, you, me, we would definitely be “The Talented”…MUCH more popular…


Things ur worship leader NEVER wants to hear

Lets take a look at a few things that a modern day worship leader NEVER wants to hear…….

“Dude, is it cool I brought my double bass pedal”

“Is that your wife’s scarf”

“I just can’t worship to that song”

“Check it out man, I found my chorus pedal”

“I can’t hear myself (while plugging one ear)”

“What U2 song can we do this weekend”

“You sound just like blahhhh blahhhh blahhh”

“Uhh, you don’t mind wearin’ long sleeves to cover up that tattoo do ya”

“If it wasn’t so loud, we’d be there on time, but, we usually show up right before the message”

“Hey, btw, you’re doing announcements this week”


The reality is (as my good friend Jluv coined)……

If a drummer rocked the double bass and made it work, bring it on…..

If it’s below freezing and your neck is fragile, wear that scarf with pride…..

*even if it is your wife’s

If a song is not engaging for people, think twice about it…..

-If a song is engaging for people and somebody’s got a problem with it, let ’em talk to Jesus about it…..

*you might not wanna be THE one to tell ’em that

If you gotta worry about your guitar players tone, you mighta forgot why you were called to do this…..

*if your guitar player ISN’T worried about their tone, they might wanna focus more on their cover band

If ANYONE can’t hear themselves, politely ASK the right person to give ’em a little more in the monitor…..

*than tell ’em that plugging don’t help


If you sound like someone else, thank God for the gift…..

*unless they’re british…..and you’re not

If you have tattoos and your church doesn’t support your views, you might be at the wrong church…..

Maybe it is TOO LOUD…..

*maybe it’s not, install an earplug dispenser

Sing the announcements, they won’t ask you to do it again…..


All in all, yes, there are many things that the creative, artistic, eclectic, “original” worship leader doesn’t like to hear, BUT, if WE aren’t flexible, adaptable, thick skinned and most importantly focused on what’s best for the WHOLE church (and many times our personal likes and dislikes are shared by a very small minority), than I’m sure the coffee shop down the street would make room on their roster.