Appreciating ALL different types of talent in less than 6 minutes

Gotye made this compilation video of fans doing his own song and it’s genius…….why I haven’t seen it till now, who cares, if you haven’t now’s your chance, the best thing about it is how it brings an appreciation to such wide variety!!





Privacy is overrated! Yeah right, who doesn’t like, or even NEED their privacy at least some of the time? And what better way to have privacy than in your own home!!!! That’s exactly what you hope for, work for, fight for, your own place, whether it be with your own family or just you, its the only place you can walk around in your undies (or without em), stink up the bathroom without a care in the world of anyone being around, or even, for some ladies who wouldn’t dare either of the prior, be caught without make-up!

Well, that’s the way most of us live, but I just wanted to take a quick minute to say thank you, and I wish those two words weren’t so diluted in today’s generation, cause in this case they feel so un-good enough for a family that not only opened their home but gave up their privacy for my family to come in and invade theirs! With a baby, a little guy who “never slows down”, and a crazy hectic family life, I felt like we took over half of that home and they never skipped a beat! They were the most gracious, understanding, giving FRIENDS anyone could ever ask for………so without getting emoji on everyone, just know, we are forever grateful to the Baxter family!


“Special 2 Me”

Every place I’ve ever gotten the opportunity to worship at holds a place in my heart, and really I mean EVERY. When you GET to lead people into worship you see lives changing on the spot and that is never not special! BUT there are a few places that hold a “special” place in my heart and Generate @ Crossroads Church in Corona, CA is one of em!


I’ll give you 5 reasons:

1. They genuinely love the next generation and are building them to lead the future

2. I’ve been blessed to be a small part here and there for 5 years now

3. So many of my close and even best friends are involved and/or on staff (or have been in the past)

4. My little brother Jony is there 🙂

5. Just because

There are a few more like Generate out there but today, they’re special……