At 5 years old, singing in front of his hometown church with Grandpa on the piano and a childhood friend at his side, you could already tell, there was a desire and a gift in a little boy who was sure to pursue every opportunity to do so. Mom sang constantly in the church with her sisters growing up, and now, both mom and dad had a ministry as well, singing together in the surrounding churches. By the time he was 8 years old a local radio station that had been broadcasting the church’s message every week wanted Bryon to sing a special song on that particular broadcast. As an early teen, found himself the lead in a choir full of later teens as well as early twenty-something’s, and by the time his late teens came around and Mom and Dad had been leading worship for over a decade, he found himself at the helm of a worship calling of his own. Since that time, Bryon has been leading worship as well as performing across denominations and organizations for about 20 years now and has a heart for the “worth-ship” of God to be evident in every service, conference, convention, concert or any other venue he’s able to be a part of. You will find an incredible sound that radiates from a passion to find God in every moment possible when you listen to his music, recorded or live! Bryon’s only agenda in leading worship is to provide a vehicle to connect with God in the way only the listener or participator allows him or herself to do so. Along with his worship ministry, Bryon also co-wrote and performed with Matt Rogers, the theme song for the Lifetime Original Reality series Television show “Coming Home” and has sung at various National Events for the NFL, NBA, USO and many more local events.

Short Bio:

Born and raised in the church with ministry surrounding the family for over two generations Bryon has always had a heart to minister. Dad being a Worship Pastor and Mom always being by his side led Bryon on a path to love and desire the heart of worship and to lead others to experience that heart. Bryon has been leading worship and singing in venues for almost two decades and continues to share that heart in every way possible. He, his wife Darci and their four children live in Lebanon, TN.


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