The world needs “The Image of The Creator”, the world needs YOU!!

The reason why we haven’t fixed many of the problems in our world is ’cause…..

We ignore them…..

OR, we talk about them…..

And talk about them….

AND, then talk about them some more…..

We throw ideas on the table…..

And, leave them there with our comment cards, and complaints…..

And, pointed fingers…..

And, our “I woulds” and “I wouldn’ts”…..

But, nothing changes…..

Nothing changes because change requires a commitment to act…..

Not just a commitment to talk…..


A commitment to act requires work to be done…..

Work that requires many minds, many hands, more ideas and more help…..

Many minds, hands, ideas and help that start with ONE thing…..

You. Me. Us.

And “The Image of The Creator” within us…..

The”Creator” who created ALL things, who is in YOU…..

And gave you the ability to create…..

To create change…..

Let’s get started…..





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